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When you talk Fashion in Mauritius you think Katia Moochooram. Crowned Miss Earth Mauritius (2015), Face of the Reunion Island Tourism Board (2019 - 2020), Face of Mauritian luxury brands. Business woman, influencer, and Muay Thai Ambassador are just a few words how you can describe one of the most famous faces of the Island of Mauritius, Katia Moochooram.

Photography ERIC LEE / Location MAURITIUS


KASAA LIFE: Katia, please tell us how you usually start your day?

KATIA MOOCHOORAM: For alWell 3 times a week I wake up at 4.30am and start my boxing classes at 5am to 6am. Then I shower, grab my breakfast and head to work. Days on which I do not have boxing classes I usually wake up at 6.30

KASAA LIFE: Share your perfect breakfast recipe.

KATIA MOOCHOORAM: Actually, I have two favorite breakfasts. One of which is the Mango and Papaya smoothie and the other is an avocado toast. The Mango and Papaya smoothie is very easy to realize plus its super healthy. The perks of living on a tropical island is all the tropical fruits we have during summertime. What I do is that I peel my mangoes when it’s the season and freeze them so I get to eat them ALL over the year until the next mango season. I take out a few frozen mango pieces, peel fresh ripe papaya, add some coconut milk (you can add any other non-dairy milk) blend it all. Then I pour the mix in a bowl and add my favorite toppings: rice crisp, cornflakes, chia seeds, granola and coconut flakes. 

And for the avocado toast as well, I absolutely love local avocadoes, I like the creamy texture add some salt and pepper on top and Bon Appetit! 

KASAA LIFE: What sports are you in? And why did you choose it?


KATIA MOOCHOORAMBack in school I was already quite an athletic person, I loved trying all kind of sports back then. About 3 years ago now I started Muay Thai and this was maybe due to watching a couple of Muay Thai sparring when I was in Thailand. From my first Muay Thai class, I knew from now on this is what I wanted to do and make myself better at it. 

I am a very active person and after an hour of Muay Thai training it helps me to be more focused and canalize my energy especially before work. I prefer Outdoors definitely for training and in an actual boxing ring for the adrenaline feel while sparring.

KL: What kind of music do you like and what kind of music do you listen to?

KM: While boxing I do not put any music on, this helps me to focus on my breathing and be more aware of my surroundings. But you will definitely catch me singing in my car on my way to somewhere. All types of music really, it depends on my mood but generally summer hits bring in a good vibe.

KL: What are the music trends in Mauritius? Are there any bands or singers we should know? 

KM: Ohhh yes, we have loads of talented music artists locally.  The Prophecy, Blackayo and I also love Babani records.


KL: How would you describe Mauritius in your childhood? It must have looked totally different compared to now.


KM: I lived my childhood in the center of the island but during school holidays, my family would go to my grandpa's holiday house on the west coast in Flic en Flac. Back in the days it was not that busy as it is now, there were only a few houses. Now it’s a whole different story, but yet still more peaceful compared to the other areas of Flic en Flac because we are on the cliff side rather than closer to the beach. Personally, I think the cliffs have more character because of its wilderness and I love watching the sunset there after work with my partner. 


KL: What are you most proud of?

KM: At a very young age I wanted to have my own place. I have been through the whole process of the architect plans, construction and furnishing. It’s a small place but I love it so much and I am very proud of this achievement.


KL:Tell us about your two favorite books. Why did you choose them?

KM: “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer; because I love adventure and it’s the story of a young lady who decides to go on an adventure on her own and the hurdles she meets along the way. 

The second one is “The Secret'' by Rhonda Byrne; I once a year run through the book because it reminds me that the energy that I send to the universe is what I get. Sometimes when I feel low this book puts me back on track. 

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KL: Favorite place in Mauritius ?


KM: All over the Island, hard to pick one. We are blessed by nature in terms of Mountains, waterfalls and beaches.


KL: Favorite expression in Kreol we should know...

KM: It's practically impossible to go a day without hearing a Mauritian use the word “Ayo”. Definitely the most used Mauritian expression and yet having a different meaning depending on the situations it is used

 “Ayo” is used to express frustration, anxiety, disappointment. “Ayo I just spilled coffee on my shirt!”

“Ayo” is also used to show admiration, appreciation or love for something. “Ayo, I love your bag!”


KL: How do you fight fatigue? 

KM: I let it win, I sleep. I can’t keep up with fatigue in general. I listen a lot to my mind and body and give it rest when it needs it. 


KL: Mauritius recently reopened its borders to vaccinated tourists from all over the world. Katia as a globetrotter, you better than anyone know your paradise Island, tell us what are your favorite luxury hotels on the island? 


KM: We do have a lot of 5 stars and 5 stars plus hotels all over the island, each one of them different and yet beautiful in its own way. For instance, I will opt for the top luxury One & Only Le St Géran. Both the Spa and cabanas near the pool feel very private and a cool place to chill but also the spa and sport activities, this hotel has it all.  An equally exceptional hotel is the Shangri-La Le Touessrok Hotel. This hotel is just huge, as guests you have exclusive access to Mangenie Island, the Ile aux cerf golf course found on ile aux cerf island, water sports activities, not to mention a beautiful spa and swimming pool as well to enjoy cocktails 

Another hotel I am so looking forward to discovering is the Lux Grand Baie which officially opened at the beginning of this December. I have heard from friends who have been there already and share only positive reviews about how unique, luxurious and out of this world this hotel is. So you can imagine my excitement level to be there and share it all to my online audience by making them discover the new Lux* Grand Baie 


KL: Where is the best fine dining experience on the island? 


KM: Same again so many addresses to recommend, all hotels have amazing gastronomy restaurants with different cuisine to please any fine dining seeker.