KASAA COUTURE  - a top-of-the-line athleisure lifestyle brand designed for those who believe in life and fitness with panache


All our timelessly styled and sophisticated creations come in quick-dry and breathable fabric for those tranquil yoga sessions, dreamy and melodic ballet practices, and workouts packed with a high adrenaline rush

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KASAA COUTURE is an undaunted promise of luxury, elegance, and class.

High-end fabrics with silhouettes that pronounce your personality.  

Styled with character, Oomph is the most striking front-runner of KASAA collection line.

If you are head-over-heels about soft tones, KASAA has it all.

The chic and luxurious monochrome styles for your everyday life and those enthralling sporty sessions. Set your eyes on the much-awaited extravagance of colours and pick the perfect shade for you.

Exclusive, delicate, and comfortable, Kasaa comes for the ones who hold a polished taste and an eye for refined designs.




It is not just about the delicate luxury and the plush looks; when it comes to KASAA, quality check processes are magnanimous to keep each creation ahead of times.

Here is how we conduct quality control:

• We select all materials carefully with an eye for detail.

• We test the material intensely in various climatic zones such as:

Tennis at 35℃ and 15℃

Yoga at 40℃ and 25℃

Ballet, stretching, jogging, and functional training at 18℃.

• We design each piece of garment with heightened passion.

• We create the costumes meticulously with each minutest detail in place.

KASAA puts heart and soul along with exceptional skill into crafting each garment, just like immaculate art. Your desire for timeless style, sophistication, shape-diversity, and elegance always remain at the forefront under the prolific roofs of KASAA. We enunciate the promise of comfort and quality that you seek.

The costumes we create can withstand more than 350 washings and yet refuse to lose the colour, the shape, the compression effect, and sheen!

The fabric's uncompromising elastic property helps it stretch magically and return to the shape whenever not in use.

The fabric embraces the body figure like a second skin while gracefully enhancing your body's shape and silhouettes.

The material used to craft these mesmerizing pieces of effortless elegance is incredibly delicate to touch and remains challenging to tear. You can take on with your lifestyle fearlessly and your sporty sessions with confidence without worrying about creasing or any other damage to the garment.

The colour retention property of these fabrics ensures you wear a piece of art that remains as vibrant and fresh as new, as far you can wear it. The irresistible pliability and smoothness of the fabric caress your skin instead of irritating it.


Pick a piece of KASAA magic to slip in and casually sail through the day, or wear the power-packed attitude with KASAA to rock your workout floor

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KASAA COUTURE takes pride in working with highly skilled and experienced textile engineers to conceptualize and produce high-end, technologically advanced, non-toxic, and wear-resistant fabrics.

The meticulous engineering ensures non-toxic colour retention, shrink protection, moisture-absorption, soft feel on the skin, and the ideal silhouette that makes you fall in love with every prized possession of KASAA you own.

KASAA - is the personality, the class, the flamboyance you always wanted, and a story written forever.




KASAA story doesn’t just culminate at creation.


We continually strive to offer quality that speaks for itself. Your satisfaction is what keeps us going, and thus we create the garments in small batches that do not deter from excellence.

KASAA is all about perfection, elegance, and luxury.